Frequently Asked Questions

Avebux is an advertising platform as well as an earning opportunity Ptc site for everyone.

Avebux provides quality traffic with a cheap advertising package you can Check here about our Advertising Package detail.

Here users will get a chance to earn a percentage of amount just viewing ads, completing survey, playing grid etc from our sponsors.


Everyone from all over the World can join Avebux as an user or as an advertiser. So Join Today and start earning from Avebux. 

No, it's not mandatory to upgrade or invest in order to get paid. You can withdraw your earning, once your account balance is  $5 or more.

AveGrid is easy to play game. Just click anywhere on the picture and win up to $1.00 that goes directly into your account balance! Each click will open up a sponsor's site that you will have to view for up to 10 seconds. After this time has passed you will know if you are a winner or not.










Yes, it's mandatory you need to view at least 4 ads to get paid from your Direct or Rented Referral in the next day.


We have enabled Google Authentication security to protect user account.Simply visit Google Authenticator page from your dashboard and make the set up.For set up guide please visit the "Two Factor-Authentication" section of Avebux forum. 

Avebux has been optimazied for mobile view .You can access all of Avebux  services on your Smart Phone.Do not use browser which uses proxy.


Referrals are other users who have registred to Avebux . People who have registred to Avebux with an invitation link are Direct Referral.They have upline so you cant buy them as Rented Referral or Direct Referral.People who have joined Avebux without any invitation link are None Referral.So you can rent them for 30 days or you can buy them as direct referral for life time.


Rented Referrals will work for you for 30 calander days.Please see the chart below for more detail :

0---250 0.2 0.006
251---500 0.2 0.006
501---750 0.2 0.006
751---1000 0.2 0.006
1001---1250 0.2 0.006
1251---1500 0.2 0.006
1501---1750 0.2 0.006
OVER 1750 0.2 0.006

Rented Referral extension discount ;

30 0%
60 5%
90 10%
180 20%
365 25%

The minimum payout is $3 USD for all levels of membership.We will manually send the requested amount within  72 hours.

It's instant but in the case of using a crypto deposit, it depends on network confirmation. 2 confirmation for Btc 4 confirmation for Ltc and 5 confirmation for Etherium.

If funds not added to your account after a successfulpayment open a support ticket providing transaction id then we will verify the payment and will do manual deposit within 4 to 12 hours.

Avebux is  currently supporting Payeer, Perfectmoney,  Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. 

Cash Out Fees for each Payment Processor:

           Payeer            0                     6%
     PerfectMoney       Disabled                Disabled
            Btc         2.50$                   0.7%
            Ltc         0.35$                   2.5%
            Eth         0.80$                   0.3%

Max RR Package bonuses are gifts for when users buy the maximum Referral bundle, and to redeem users would need to submit a support ticket and allow a minimum of 24 hours before their account is updated.