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Next Payment 5th November
Published on Oct 29th, 2020 10:47 am

I  have made mistake on my last post the next payment date is on 5th November not 25th November.

So the payments we will relase like this ..

Next pay date 5th November the 2nd will be around 15th or 20th november 3rd will be around 30 th november and the final payment will be around  10 th december. 

And every thing will be normal between December 15th 30th.

No restraction and will make payments like before.

Best Regards

EthBux/AveBux Team

Attention Users!
Published on Oct 28th, 2020 04:47 am

I'm going to be the one to be honest here. I am CDNPTC, a user who used Ethbux and Avebux then asked the admin if they needed help to which he said yes, and I've been helping them with support tickets, forum moderating, updated users' accounts accordingly and even helping with promos/contests/site details. 

right now, admin has apparently paid out to users on Oct. 24th but now he says that payments will be made again on Nov. 25th

and with all memberships changed so you can only withdraw up to $10 every 12 days- he asks for your patience as he hopes that by December everything will be back to normal again. 

I cannot and have not been able to pay users at all and we now have 51 payments pending as of now. I urge people to be wary on investing in this site as I can hardly keep in contact with admin. At one point I did not hear a single word from them for a whole month and had to delegate both Avebux and Ethbux practically alone. 
meanwhile, I was not able to successfully make a withdraw during this time. 

I wanted to say that if you read this far, thank you for using this site but honestly I don't think these two sites can be trusted anymore. I DO NOT OWN THESE SITES, I WAS JUST HELPING

Admin was supposed to update you guys tonight but so far he has failed to do so and has not answered my latest messages yet but was able to answer advertising exchange requests via the support system. 

*Use these sites at your own risk, I am no longer apart of this project*

thank you for helping create a short but fun experience fo me- and I wish you all the best. 


Published on Oct 19th, 2020 07:17 pm

Hello user

Sorry for delay payments will be cleared on 24 October.Be patient.

Best Regards

Avebux Admin.

Avebux Launch!
Published on Sep 26th, 2020 06:55 pm

Greetings everyone!

Today our 2nd project is live.

Avebux has been created with lot of care and lot of surprise.

With every other PTC site, there are offers users can complete in order to earn some extra funds. We wanted to be a little more unique and we added 2 unique ways 1st crypto Gift Box(invest needed for it) this page not fully ready yet once done we will publish on our forum and the 2nd one is very big for every user we will host an offer wall contest! and guess we have created a big earning opportunity for every user specially for standard user  please read bellow how you can earn huge money from offerwall contest


For every month top 23 users who will earn money from offers will be able to redeem a monetary reward separated into 4 stages as follows:

And its very easy for everyone I guess cause if only 10000 user completes an offer of each $0.1 in 1 day then easily user cracking the $1000 prize pool.And most intresting part is even any amount earned in 1 month from a user can be a top spot holder.





$1000 prize pool if in 1 month users earn $2500 from offerwall


1st prize would win $400 

2nd- $250 

3rd- $150 

And we wanted to be as fair and rewarding as possible so we decided that 20 users will earn $10

so overall 23 users would win a reward. 




If users earn $1500 then prize pool will be $500  

1st- $150  

2nd- $100

3rd- $50 

and 20 users will receive $10 each




If users earn $1000 in 1 month then prize pool $250 

1st prize- $100  

2nd- $30  

3rd- $20 

and the rest of the 20 users will receive $5





If users earn $500 overall then the prize pool will be $100 

Top earner would win $50 

2nd- $20 

3rd -$10 

and rest 20 user will get $1 each




If users earn $250 overall from the offerwall then users will share a $50 prize pool 

Top earner- $25 

2nd- $15 

3rd- $10


and the rest of 20 users receive a lower prize, depending on their work. 


Remember this contest runs for the whole month so there is plenty of time to participate!


We are working on more offerwall option once done we will start the contest.I think the 1st contest will be started from 1st October.


We also running a Rented Referral Contest mean user who will rent most referrals they will earn rewards from Avebux Team.

There will be top 3 spot winner.

1st prize $175

2nd prize $50

3rd prize $25 

For more detail visit our contest page.


And yes we are running a Pre-Launch promo as avebux still in construction mode and lot of fetures not added yet we are running a deposit promo for our lovely user.

Deposit $10 to $100 receive 10 %  deposit bonus in PB.

Deposit $101 to $250 Receive 15% Deposit Bonus.

Deposit more than $251 Receive 25% Deposit Bonus.

This promo will expire on 3rd October.



Best Regards,

Avebux Team.